Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The "Active" Leader: Using Willpower to Move from Knowing to Doing

With our constant stream of emails, voicemails, meetings, conference calls, pages, faxes and so on, it is a minor miracle that any of us can accomplish anything. With our Blackberrys surgically implanted into our hands, our time is sliced so thinly that we never have the focused time to develop the big-picture perspective required for an action plan, let alone the time to execute it.

"Daily routines, superficial behaviors, poorly prioritized or unfocused tasks leech managers' capacities—making unproductive busyness perhaps the most critical behavioral problem" in business today, contend Heike Bruch and Sumantra Ghoshal in their book A Bias for Action.

For so many of us—whether CEOs for major corporations, small business owners or soloentrepreneurs – there is a fundamental disconnection between knowing what should be done and actually doing it. Calling this disconnection the "knowing-doing gap," Stanford University researchers Jeffrey Pfeffer and Robert Sutton pose the question: "Why does knowledge of what needs to be done frequently fail to result in action or behavior consistent with that knowledge?"

Don't Miss a Step: Take Time to Celebrate!

The path of a goal, whether a goal set for your personal life or in the course of business, is generally seen as having four steps:
  1. Assess the situation
  2. Set goals for how you want it to be
  3. Take steps to achieve the goals, and
  4. Achieve the goals (completion).

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tele-work and the Fridge Factor? It Doesn't Have to be That Way

Tele-work is becoming more in demand both in the private and public sector.
We know that one of the greatest challenges for employers is the hiring and retention of talented employees and managers.

What can organizations do to attract the right people for the right jobs, and keep them?

There are a number of solutions, some workable and some not so workable. However, because tele-work is so attractive, it is heading to the top of the current list of recruitment tools.

As we know, tele-work can take many forms but it mostly allows selected employees to work from home, or a location closer to home, one or more days a week.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Ten tips on how to succeed on your next interview with the GOC

The coaches of Y2 Consulting Psychologists have conducted hundreds of interview simulations to help GOC employees and managers move up the corporate ladder. Using the services of specialised coaches who can lead you through a selection board simulation and provide you with developmental feedback is often regarded as the most efficient strategy in helping individuals get a promotion. Below are some tips from Y2CP's coaches on how to better perform on your next interview with the GOC:
  1. Carefully read the work description and the statement of merit criteria (SOMC) for the position you are considering, paying particular attention to the essential and asset qualifications (e.g. experience, knowledge, abilities and personal suitability) required.
  2. Inquire about how the board interviews will proceed (e.g. will you be getting the interview questions in advance to prepare? If so, how much prep time will you have? How long will the interview be? How many board members will be present?).
[...]

Dr. Yaniv Benzimra, Consulting Psychologist
L.Long, HRM Consultant
Y2 Consulting Psychologists

Merci ! / Thank you!

Y2CP aimerait remercier ses clients !

L'équipe de Y2CP aimerait remercier tous ses clients pour leur confiance et engagement envers nos services en psychologie clinique et organisationnelle au cours des dernières années.

C'est avec plaisir que notre groupe accueillera des nouveaux clients, ainsi que nos clients actuels, au cours de l'année qui suit. Notre mission continue d'être : « Offrir à nos clients des services professionnels de qualité afin de favoriser leur épanouissement personnel, professionnel et organisationnel. »

Meilleurs vœux pour l'année 2010 de la part des Psychologues consultants Y2 – Santé et bien-être !

Y2CP's team wants to thank its clients!

The Y2CP team wishes to thank its clients for the trust they have placed in its services – both HRM and psychological – over the past several years.

It will be our pleasure in the coming year to welcome new clients and to continue serving returning ones. Our Mission continues to be: "to support the personal, professional and organizational development of our clients through quality professional services."

Best wishes for a healthy and happy New Year from Y2 Consulting Psychologists!
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