Friday, January 8, 2010

Ten tips on how to succeed on your next interview with the GOC

The coaches of Y2 Consulting Psychologists have conducted hundreds of interview simulations to help GOC employees and managers move up the corporate ladder. Using the services of specialised coaches who can lead you through a selection board simulation and provide you with developmental feedback is often regarded as the most efficient strategy in helping individuals get a promotion. Below are some tips from Y2CP's coaches on how to better perform on your next interview with the GOC:
  1. Carefully read the work description and the statement of merit criteria (SOMC) for the position you are considering, paying particular attention to the essential and asset qualifications (e.g. experience, knowledge, abilities and personal suitability) required.
  2. Inquire about how the board interviews will proceed (e.g. will you be getting the interview questions in advance to prepare? If so, how much prep time will you have? How long will the interview be? How many board members will be present?).
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Dr. Yaniv Benzimra, Consulting Psychologist
L.Long, HRM Consultant
Y2 Consulting Psychologists

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