Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Measuring the Mind: Psychometrics

To succeed and be happy in any job or assignment, it’s important to align your abilities, values and personality with those that are essential in your chosen career or field of endeavour -- and with those of the organization for whom you work or for whom you hope to work.

Today, many organizations use psychometric testing  often referred to as occupational, psychological or psychometric testing -- to assist with recruitment and candidate selection, employee training and development, team building, workplace assessments and counselling -- especially career counselling. In fact, many organisations report that their best HRM decisions are the ones that are based on formal performance appraisals and on the use of psychometric testing.

So what are psychometric tools?

Psychometric tools are used to obtain detailed, objective, and relevant information about an individual’s capacities in a wide variety of areas.

Psychometric tools are tests designed to measure the career interests/values/motives, aptitudes, potential and performance of individuals.  Psychometric testing usually falls into three main types: ability, aptitude and personality testing.  At Y2 Consulting Psychologists, we believe that psychometric tools should be objective, standardized, valid, reliable and discriminating. Such tools are designed to help individuals make more informed career-related decisions; ones based on the individual’s ‘natural’ strengths and needs of development.  Such decisions have often been linked to greater career satisfaction, success, and general happiness. Such tools can help individuals develop their career plans, specify targeted learning objectives and help employers to discriminate between the less and more qualified candidates for a position.

Located in the NCR, Y2CP sells over 200 online psychometric tools which can be used for selection, development and workplace assessment purposes. Several of these tests are available in both French and English.  All of these solutions are valid, reliable and cost efficient.  Y2CP has become a one-stop shop for online HRM psychometric solutions in Canada; providing its corporate and government clients, mostly the GOC, with access to hundreds of online solutions (and related support) from several leading test developers in Canada, the USA and Europe (e.g. Psychometrics Canada, Sigma Assessments, Saville Consulting, AD&C, PsyMax Solutions, CBI-SMART, Denison Consulting, Compmetrica).

Making the right decision

Whether they are used by employers as part of their recruitment and selection processes or by individuals as part of their career decision-making and personal development, psychometric tools will help you make the right -- the best -- decisions. 

Yaniv M. Benzimra, Ph.D.
Yannick Mailloux, Ph.D.
Leaman L. Long

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