Thursday, April 21, 2011

Problems managing your emails?

10 tips on how to manage E-mail traffic:

1. Answer at set times
Identify two to three chunks time each day when you can focus on checking and responding to emails.

2. Deal with it
Once you open an e-mail, deal with it.

3. Delete Delete Delete
If e-mails are not important...

4. File it; archive it
E-mail shouldn't stay in your inbox for long periods of time. File it using a system that works for you.

5. Turn off auto notifiers
Eliminate one of the distractions in your work day.

6. Use and re-use
Write boilerplate text to answer common e-mail inquiries.

7. Steer clear of "lists"
Subscribe to electronic mailing lists sparingly.

8. Out of office
Use out of office functions for efficiently managing inboxes while on training or on leave/vacation.

9. Follow e-mail etiquette
Refrain from sending one or two word responses like "okay" and "thanks" back to a sender, unless necessary, don't send on every joke email to an entire address book, etc.

10. Communicate in other ways
Would a phone call or face-to-face conversation work better than an e-mail?

Yaniv M. Benzimra, Ph.D.
Leaman Long, B.A., B.Ed.
Y2 Consulting Psychologists

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